Climate Week Best Campaign 2012


robert_pass__gisela_stuart_mp.jpgThe Birmingham campaign is run by Robert Pass (on left in photo). Please email for details.

The Birmingham Close the Door Campaign has got off to a great start with a successful pilot study in Kings Heath and wonderful cross party support from five MPs (see below), including Gisela Stuart (on right in photo). Much is planned for the start of the cold weather season.


Andrew Mitchell MP (Con Sutton Coldfield), International Development Secretary

"Fifteen per cent of UK crbon emissions come from public and commercial buildings. Therefore, substantial and cost-effective reductions in carbon emissions from buildings will be an essential part of the UK's ambition to mitigate the worst effects of climate change. 

Retailers who keep their doors open while heating or cooling the store are wasting significant amounts of energy. The Close the Door campaign asks retailers and customers to stop this by simply closing the shop door. This will help retailers to lower their costs as well as make a significant contribution to reducing their carbon emissions.

The scale of the UK's carbon reduction challenge is such that we need precisely these kinds of measures if the UK is to cut carbon emissions significantly. This innovative idea is an illustration of the Government's Big Society vision, where individuals, communities and groups join together to achieve common goals.

It is critical that we all pay attention to reducing energy use and emissions. I am therefore, pleased to support the Close the Door campaign."

Roger Godsiff MP (Lab Birmingham Hall Green)

"I am very pleased to hear there is a new environmental campaign in Birmingham to cut energy by getting shops ad public buildings to close their doors when their heating or air conditioning is being used.

This is an excellent initiative and a very easy way of reducing CO2 emissions and I fully support your campaign and wish it well."

John Hemming MP (Lib Dem Birmingham Yardley)

"As Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Peak Oil and Gas I am only too well aware of the dangers of our addiction to fossil fuels. I am delighted to support Birmingham Close the Door's campaign to reduce the energy consumption of our shops, which currently account for 46% of the city's CO2 emissions. We must all play a part in reducing our carbon footprint, getting our retailers to keep their doors closed in winter is a simple yet effective way to do this."

Gisela Stuart MP (Lab Edgbaston)

"This simple, effective initiative has been taken up by many leading retailers.  I fully support the campaign to encourage more shops to take up the challenge to make a huge difference to their Co2 emissions and of course a difference to their fuel bills." 

Richard Burden MP (Lab Birmingham Northfield)

"Climate Change is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation. I am proud that the Labour government set ambitious targets for cutting carbon emissions – but we also need to take practical actions to make sure we hit those targets. Closing shop doors is a common sense solution to how we can help do that – it will save money and cut emissions at the same time. I welcome the Close the Door Campaign and hope shops and shoppers here in Birmingham will take up this opportunity to do their bit for our environment."